About Summit Broadband


A few years ago, an examination of Pelican Bay’s cable and internet services identified room for improvement and an opportunity to vastly increase speed and performance via the installation of a far more advanced network based on the latest in fiber optic technology.

After an extensive search to find a provider capable of putting Pelican Bay at the forefront of connectivity, Summit Broadband, a high-speed Internet, data, voice and cable television provider in Central and Southwest Florida, was selected. Through its new provider, Pelican Bay will set the standard for network upgrades of comparable magnitude across the state and beyond.

Summit_Broad_Band_Logo-05This contract brought Pelican Bay a state-of-the-art fiber optic network that provides a greatly expanded package of television services and high-speed Internet.  It  also provides for substantial optional upgrades in Internet speed for those residents who require it, discounted equipment for expanded television service within the home and either unlimited or local telephone.

In short, the Foundation has arranged for more services and discounted options for Pelican Bay residents than ever before.