Summit Broadband Services

The Pelican Bay Foundation worked closely with Summit to ensure a much broader array of services for a greater value.

Unlike the community’s current system, signals from the fiber optic network being built in Pelican Bay will travel unimpeded and at faster speeds, without the need for boosting the signal at various points throughout the community. And, the features offered come at a low cost when compared to previous (and other major) carriers.

As part of the bulk services agreement costing $72.75, residents will enjoy:

  • HD TV service
  • An expanded list of channels to choose from
  • One HD receiver box
  • Higher speed Internet service

The cost will be included as part of the Pelican Bay Foundation annual assessment starting February 1, 2015.  Optional features and services (including phone) are available for an additional cost.

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Cable television service

High-speed Internet service

Optional phone service

A la Carte Pricing