It’s Time to Sign Up for Summit Broadband

The award of Pelican Bay’s television and high-speed Internet services to Summit Broadband has occurred, and now is the time for Pelican Bay members to sign up for the new services and prepare to “make the switch.”

The new contract with Summit Broadband will provide all Pelican Bay members with a greatly enhanced package of television services and high-speed Internet provided through a totally new and advanced fiber optic network.  Substantial additional upgrades are available in Internet speed for those residents who desire it along with discounted equipment for optional television service within the home.  An attractively priced telephone package for unlimited long distance or unlimited local telephone service is also being offered.

In short, the deal with Summit Broadband provides more upgrades in television and Internet services than have been available to Pelican Bay members ever before.  This contract places Pelican Bay at the forefront of communities across the entire country in quality of connectivity and selection of services.

We Need You to Sign-up Now – Each Pelican Bay owner must meet with a Summit Broadband representative before June 1.  And if members sign up before April 1, Summit will reward them with a $25 credit.  Summit representatives will guide members through the process of tailoring the array of new services to their needs and make arrangements to easily switch from their current provider(s). Seasonal residents will need to meet with Summit and finalize their selections before they leave for the season.

How to sign up – Summit is making the sign-up process as easy as possible, allowing members to choose from six convenient options:

  1. Simply give Summit a call at: (239) 529-1500
  2. Visit Summit online at:
  3. Email Summit, and request a convenient time for Summit to call you:
  4. Visit with Summit representatives during their scheduled times at the Community Center
  5. Sign up with Summit right within your condominium (days and times to be announced for each individual complex).
  6. Visit Summit’s convenient retail store in Naples at 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road

Besides the value-packed service options available through Summit, Pelican Bay owners can save by taking advantage of a $100 credit that Summit has offered to all residents. Once your service is activated, you can use the credit in any way you see fit, such as purchasing additional set-top boxes or buying optional services. All a customer has to do is let Summit know how they would like to apply the $100 credit.

Summit’s cutting-edge fiber optic technology means faster Internet speeds, bringing the future of connectivity to us today. Unlike the networks currently serving the community, signals will travel unimpeded, without the need for boosting the signal at various points throughout the community.

New Features and Benefits – Summit Broadband will be offering a much broader array of services to Pelican Bay residents in one value-laden package.  Additionally, residents will have several options to add a wide array of additional products and services. The basic package, provided to all residents, will provide the following features:

  • High definition television broadcast over an extended package of HD channels
  • One High Definition set top box provided at no additional cost
  • Any additional digital ready televisions can be connected without a set top box or DTA to view a more limited set of channels
  • High speed internet service – 100 Mbps download, 20 Mbps upload
  • No metering or data cap on internet usage
  • “TV Anywhere” feature allowing members to watch TV on their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Video On Demand feature letting members watch favorite shows and movies anytime on demand

The initial offering of optional services will include:

  • HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and other popular movie packages
  • Seasonal sports packages, such as NFL Red Zone
  • International channels, such as Deutsche Welle, Spanish Tier and more
  • Whole-Home DVR – Letting members watch their favorite recorded shows whenever they want in multiple rooms
  • The option of upgrading to connection speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps download and 1,000 Mbps upload
  • Unlimited local and long-distance in North America as well as unlimited calling to a landline in most European countries
  • Vacation mode, allowing members to activate or deactivate phone services

To schedule a sign up appointment or receive additional information, Pelican Bay members can call Summit Broadband now at (239) 529-1500, or reach them by email at