Media Captains Deserving Thanks

The transition to Summit Broadband is off to a tremendous start as sign-ups steadily progress ahead of schedule, with more than 60 percent of residents having already taken the necessary steps to arrange service. While appreciation has rightfully been extended to the dedicated team at Summit, as well as the residents who have taken action and maneuvered smoothly through the process, a small group of individuals should be credited (and deserve much gratitude) for the success seen to date.

At the commencement of the transition to Summit Broadband, roughly 200 Pelican Bay residents, many of which are condo presidents, volunteered to assist in spreading the word about the transition and ensuring each and every resident— both in and outside of their own association – received important information about the project.

For three months, these media captains have attended meetings to collect information, looped in single-family associations, fielded questions from residents and even facilitated resident sign-ups personally. They are committed to doing so for the duration of the project, and without them the transition would not be possible. So, on behalf of the Foundation and Summit Broadband, a sincere “thank you” is offered to the following Media Captains for their time and overwhelming support:

(Click chart for larger view) Pelican_Bay_media_captains


Media Captains have volunteered in each association in Pelican Bay. Each captain regularly receives updates regarding sign-up numbers, tallied by Summit Broadband, and lists of members who have arranged for service.

To assist Media Captains in spreading the word about the project, the Foundation has created a news site at where residents can expect to find important announcements related to the upgrade.