Why you should sign up for Summit Broadband now

With number of sign-ups recently surpassing 4,000, it is clear that the vast majority of Pelican Bay residents are familiar with how to sign up to arrange service from new cable and internet provider Summit Broadband. But, for those who have yet to contact Summit (or for others who need clarification on what to expect when service begins), it is also important to know exactly why all residents should make the switch.

Simply put, the new bulk services agreement with Summit provides more services and discounted options than have previously been available to Pelican Bay residents. And, unlike standard cable providers (which have been in the community since its inception), Summit’s state-of-art fiber optic network will allow signals to travel unimpeded and at faster speeds.

What to expect, at a glance –

  • Hugely improved Internet speeds
  • Over 120 standard channels, over 150 popular High Definition channels, 12 Encore movie channels and over 50 digital music channels (see channel line-up above)
  • A High Definition set-top/connection box at no cost
  • Exciting features like “TV Anywhere” and Video On Demand

New optional services like popular movie packages, seasonal sports packages, international channels, unlimited local and long-distance phone services and more, can be added for an additional cost.

Most importantly, the broader array of features offered by Summit comes at a tremendous value when compared to previous (and other major) carriers. Pelican Bay’s bulk service agreement, which is covered as a part of residents’ regular annual assessment, includes cable television for $37.50 monthly (which is similar to previous fees), but also includes $14 per month for high speed internet (100 Mbps download/20 Mbps upload), versus major competitors’ $49.99 advertised rates for half the speed.

Additional savings can be found outside of these bulk services in the numerous optional products available for purchase. Unlimited telephone service is available for $19.95 (or $24.95 if fewer than 2,500 residents sign up) as compared to the advertised pricing of major carriers ranging from $29.99 to $57.99. And, the Foundation has arranged for all residents to receive a $100 credit upon sign up. Customers can use the credits with Summit in any way they choose.

Residents who have yet to sign up for Summit’s expanded offerings and discounted prices are urged to contact a Summit representative by June 1, 2014 by choosing to do one of the following:

  • Call (239) 529-1500, a number dedicated to Pelican Bay residents only
  • Email PelicanBay@Summit-Broadband.com
  • Visit the Summit Broadband staff onsite at the Community Center from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Stop in to Summit’s convenient retail store in Naples at 2367 Vanderbilt Beach Rd Suite 812