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Pelican Bay Hits 3,000th Sign Up for Summit Broadband

Within just two short months of initiating the community-wide transition to cable provider Summit Broadband, an astounding 50 percent of residents have taken the initial steps to make the switch by signing up with Summit Broadband to arrange service, far exceeding all expectations for the project. Along with the significant milestone, several members have expressed… Read More

Media Captains Deserving Thanks

The transition to Summit Broadband is off to a tremendous start as sign-ups steadily progress ahead of schedule, with more than 60 percent of residents having already taken the necessary steps to arrange service. While appreciation has rightfully been extended to the dedicated team at Summit, as well as the residents who have taken action… Read More


Early Sign-Ups for Conversion to Summit Broadband Exceed Expectations

Within just one month of launching Pelican Bay’s community-wide conversion to cable provider Summit Broadband, nearly one third of residents have already taken the necessary steps to sign up by contacting Summit Broadband to arrange service, and the numbers continue to quickly grow. Approaching the 2,000 milestone with 1,753 residents signed up, the early figures… Read More

Conversion to Summit Broadband Now Underway

The Presidents Council Meeting on January 15 marked the beginning of an exciting time at Pelican Bay as the conversion to cable provider Summit Broadband officially commenced. Pelican Bay Foundation Chair Robert Pendergrass and Vice Chair David Cook, alongside Frank Mambuca, SWFL division president at Summit, presented the plans for the community-wide cable and internet… Read More

Pelican Bay Awards Contract to Summit Broadband

On Friday, December 6, 2013, the Pelican Bay Foundation Board of Directors convened a special meeting to approve a new bulk services agreement with Summit Broadband.  The Board heard a presentation of contract essentials from their outside counsel.  They also reviewed a comprehensive timeline starting with the formation of the Media Infrastructure Committee thru the… Read More